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TennisOC.com 's statement on COVID-19

  • We are starting the Spring Seasons as soon as local governments allow us to play. We are the only ACTIVE tennis league.

  • The best part about our sport is we can play it with an acceptable amount of social distance between you and your opponent. We'll be implementing no hand shake policy and suggesting using two cans of balls for matches where a player only handles their tennis balls during the match.

  • To USTA League players we are working on a 10% off discount for NEW players with an active USTA membership number. Also if you refer 3 of your friends we'll get you a $25 Gift Card plus a future free season.

  • Tennis League Network (TLN) typically offers Doubles Leagues, but we will wait until July at the earliest to kick off Doubles Leagues. We are also shutting down the non-competitive tennis partner program in all but 3 of the cities. Just too risky to connect non-dedicated tennis players.

  • We do have the best money back guarantee which doesn't need to be updated. It's a refund up to 1 week after kickoff of the program. This refund policy has been in place for the past 15 years.

    Money back guarantee

  • We are going to put up a league wide discount of 5% off on all programs for the foreseeable future. This discount will probably go away after we are able to kickoff most of the cities.

  • Projecting Start Dates, Quickest to Open

    Most cities have been kicked already
    May 29th: New York (probably not), San Francisco, Seattle
    June 1st: Philadelphia
    June 2nd: Chicago, DC
    June 6th: Portland
    June 9th: East Bay, Salt Lake City
    June 13th: Pittsburgh
    June 16th: Milwaukee, Sacramento
    June 23rd: Tampa

  • Players who are high risk are asked not to participate and to follow CDC and local guidelines for social isolation.
    See updates to risk guidance and more: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/risk-assessment.html
    Examples: You are experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has, you are a medical professional working at treatment hospitals, you are in the higher risk age category or you live with people in the higher risk age group. Refunds will be provided.
  • The homepage and the enrollment pages will have the latest information on when we think the kickoff day will be.
  • Please stay safe!!! Our tennis community will be here when you are ready to hit the tennis courts.

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