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Testimonials from and Tennis League Network players

Member Since 06/19/15
Should have joined sooner great experience!!!!!!
A. Powelczak
Member Since 05/19/15
Great league, meeting many new people who share the same passion for tennis! Really enjoying this site. Thank you, Daniel
D. Nguyen
Member Since 03/25/15
It was a great experience playing my first league match! It was a competitive match..such a rush.
D. Piccio
Member Since 09/28/13 is a great initiative to bring tennis loving players under the same umbrella. I love the different programs and competitions. I always have some different to play tennis with.
S. Premjani
Member Since 08/15/13
I really like the program. It somehow forces me to go out and play more often.
Q. Nguyen
Member Since 04/29/13
Fun, inexpensive way to meet new players and develop your skills. The format is very flexible and the admin is very quick to update pertinent court information, player status, etc. Great program!
A. Nichols
Member Since 04/13/13
So far I am loving the opportunity to meet new people and play with different styles of tennis!
A. Safabakhsh
Member Since 03/20/13
Great way to meet tennis enthusiasts. Thanks
P. Yarapathineni
Member Since 02/15/13
Excited to get started playing in a league for the first time.
A. Talatam
Member Since 08/29/12
TennisOC is a great platform to meet and play with players of different styles and better your games.
S. Awate
Member Since 09/03/11
I have really enjoyed playing in Tennis OCs programs so far. I had no idea how to meet people to play and Tennis OC has made it easy.
D. Nunez
Member Since 07/19/11
This program is great for all of us who are trying to get back in the game. I think this is a great place to meet other tennis lovers.
E. Valdez
Member Since 04/11/11
TennisOC is fantastic. I have played members with a wide variety of styles. TennisOC is great for anyone who loves the game!
E. Sigala
Member Since 02/03/11
I love this system. It is organized but keeps everything fun. I can set up matches almost any day of the week.
E. Marx
Member Since 11/07/10
Great program! Play lots of different players with different styles of games. It's easy to set up matches and play. I love it! -Mike B
M. Bjorkman
Member Since 06/25/10 is a great way to find playing partners of a similar ability level. I highly recommend it.
R. Hodges
Member Since 05/03/10
The partner program worked out great - I instantly found a good player to hit with.
R. Bibee
Member Since 03/15/10
I have found some great matches and players. Everyone has been very flexible. It's a great league! I plan on playing for years to come.
R. Baker
Member Since 06/25/09
My game has improved significantly, because I have been able to play a whole array of partners, who I would have never played, w/o TennisOC.
B. Broderick
Member Since 04/27/09
It was a new and fun experience...I wish I joined the league many years ago.
J. Padilla
Member Since 02/04/09
Fantastic format, have met lots of different players that have elevated my game. Thanks Tennis OC!
E. Do
Member Since 05/24/08
TennisOC has been a great experience for me playing and meeting different people and helping me stay in shape.
A. Kuhn
Member Since 04/14/08
I have really enjoyed myself with the league. Being able to connect with lots of different players has peaked my interested in tennis again.
D. Pond
Member Since 01/26/08
I have enjoyed the competition that other players bring to the court. They have elevated my game.
J. Callister